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Macjays Metro Wool Pants
Regular price $229.00
Macjays Metro Pants
Regular price $209.00
Macjays Ponti Knit Slim Patterned Pants
Regular price $179.00 $89.00
Macjays Ultimate Ponti Slim Pants
Regular price $169.00
Home-Lee Reluxe Pants
Regular price $109.95
Soya Concept Posh 3 Pants
Regular price $155.00 $62.00
Betty Basics Drew Wide Crop Jeans
Regular price $84.90 $42.00
Betty Basics Rocco Linen Pants
Regular price $84.90 $42.00
Macjays Paris Cargo Capri
Regular price $170.00 $51.00
NYDJ Alina Ankle Rinse
Regular price $289.00
Marco Polo Cropped Chino Pant
Regular price $145.00 $43.00
Home-Lee 3/4 Apartment Pants
Regular price $89.95
NYDJ Marilyn Luxury Touch Black
Regular price $299.00
NYDJ Marilyn Dark Enzyme Wash
Regular price $275.00
NYDJ Ami Skinny Legging Mabel
Regular price $299.00
NYDJ Marilyn Straight Mabel
Regular price $299.00
Home-Lee X Apartment Pants Black
Regular price $99.95
Macjays Ultimate Ponti Slim Pant
Regular price $169.00
Vassalli Skinny Leg Pullon Jean
Regular price $129.00
NYDJ Ami Skinny Legging
Regular price $279.00
NYDJ Alina Larchmont
Regular price $299.00 $149.00
Macjays Paris Crop
Regular price $159.00 $47.00
Macjays Paris Full Length Pant
Regular price $169.00
NYDJ Alina Legging Yucca
Regular price $299.00
NYDJ Sam Slim Dark Enzyme
Regular price $349.00 $245.00
NYDJ Alina Legging Modesto
Regular price $339.00 $169.00
Macjays Metro Pant
Regular price $199.00
Macjays Ultimate Slim Ponti
Regular price $169.00
Macjays Paris Crop Plain
Regular price $159.00 $47.00

More styles available in our lovely Thorndon Wellington store...

Women’s black trousers are just like little black dresses. Each woman should have a pair. When it comes to trousers for women, you can let your fantasies run wild. At BoxHill, we’ve collected the most amazing women’s trousers in NZ to help you enjoy a different pair on each new day of the month.

What’s so special about ladies trousers that we sell? Their quality and fair cost. You are unlikely to find such stunning women’s trousers for such a reasonable price in other shops.

Get Women’s Dress Trousers Today

Women dress trousers don’t necessarily have to be black and boring. We have collected dozens of fashionable dress trousers for women and brought them to you on our website. You’ll be amazed to find models that look like office wear yet feel casual.


Any woman wants to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to stylish outfits. At BoxHill, our ladies trousers collection can help you do just that and much more.

Women’s Wool Trousers To Keep You Warm

Are you tired of wearing tights under your trousers to stay warm in the winter? We have added a few nice wool trousers for women to our collection. Made from natural materials they can keep you warm outdoors while not making you uncomfortable indoors.  


Investing in a pair of warm trousers is an excellent idea. You never know when the cold season decides to strike.

Trousers For Women You’ve Always Wanted

We’ve made it easy to take advantage of the best trousers for ladies in New Zealand and beyond. All you have to do is choose your favorite and do a little clicking. The rest is up to us. We offer quick delivery and a flexible return policy.