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Apple or Circle Body Shape

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Apple / Circle

Your body most closely fits an apple or circle shape if you tend to gain weight around the midsection and have a less-defined waist. Most apple shape bodied women have average to fuller breasts, slim legs and arms, and tend to have flatter bottoms.

The key to dressing up apple figures is to highlight the slim legs and, if you are comfortable doing so, your bounteous bosom.  Create an illusion of a waist by incorporating vertical lines and prints into your wardrobe as these design elements help to effectively draw attention away from the midsection.


  • A good fitting bra that offers ample support, especially if you have a larger bust
  • Pieces that create a vertical line such as asymmetrical and V-neck tops and jackets that end just below the hip-bone, longline kimonos, and cardigans that hits at mid-thigh length
  • Tops and dresses that fit closely right under the bust and flares out over the mid-section like tunics, empire-style tops, and dresses
  • Printed tops and textured, heavier fabrics that do not cling closely to the body help to camouflage the midsection
  • Low-rise jeans and pants help to avoid any stomach bulge


  • Thick belts
  • Tops and dresses in clingy fabrics
  • Sleeve lengths that end right beside your bust
  • Big, shapeless and oversized shirts and jackets that add bulk and don’t offer a vertical line
  • High-waist pants and trousers with too much detail in front such as pleats, zippers, and pockets that add more volume to the front


Dresses - Knee-length A-Line dresses are a great option for apple-shaped women as it balances your larger bust while drawing focus to your slim legs. Shift dresses also work well for apple shapes as it gently skims the outline of your torso while offering more room in the mid-section. Empire-style dresses that fit closely under the bust emphasises a narrow rib cage and camouflages your stomach.

Tops - V-necked and asymmetrical tops are a great way to create a vertical visual line that elongates your torso. Long, flowing tops, tunics, and empire-style tops are also great options for camouflaging your midsection.  Choose tops with hemlines ending below the hipbone. Draw attention from your midsection to your slim arms by opting for tops with details on the sleeves like flare cuffs, slits, embroidery and detailing.

Trousers - Opt for pull-on styles with elasticised waistband or pants with side zippers as these create a sleek, streamlined look. Straight, bootcut, flared or wide-leg pants are great options for balancing your look. Slim-leg and skinny-leg pants also work well to create a long and lean look, especially when paired with a blousy top or tunic.

Jeans - Wear low-rise pants with back pockets to create definition in your bum.  Straight or flared styles look best on your body shape.

Skirts - A great skirt can help define and even out your proportions. Take advantage of your slim, toned legs by experimenting with different lengths.  A-line, full circle, trumpet, bias cut or hanky-hem style all work to balance out your wider upper body and create a more proportional look. Structured pencil skirts and straight skirts are also good options, but keep them at knee-length. Opt for skirts with side zips to avoid extra volume on top.

Outerwear - Choose tailored jackets that have a nice V-shaped top and fit well at the shoulders. Look for pieces that hit at the hip or upper thigh. Long line, open style kimonos or cardis also work well to create a long and lean visual line.