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Women Dresses in New Zealand

Buying dresses online in NZ has never been easier. At BoxHill, we know exactly what women want from a dress. We have a wide selection of high-quality New Zealand dresses online for any occasion, from maxi dresses through floral dresses and casual summer dresses to elegant designer dresses. Even the pickiest women with the most delicate fashion sense can find a perfect dress for their needs.

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Cordelia St Crinkle Cowl Tunic
Regular price $139.00 $83.00
Verge Confetti Dress Blue
Regular price $290.00
Verge Cordella Dress Floral Print
Regular price $290.00
Helga May Lilac Blossom Tunic Mocha One Size Mocha From BoxHill Helga May Lilac Blossom Tunic Mocha One Size Mocha From BoxHill
Helga May Lilac Blossom Tunic Mocha
Regular price $149.00
PQ Collection Lounge Tunic Black
Regular price $89.95
PQ Collection Chic Dress Navy
Regular price $89.95
Noble Wilde Merino Longside Swing Tunic
Regular price $179.00 $143.00
Helga May Plain Moku Tunic Mocha
Regular price $159.00
OPM 2 Piece Lace Duster
Regular price $269.00 $161.00
PQ Collection Cascade Shirt Dress
Regular price $119.95
Elm Falling Sherbet Dress
Regular price $149.95 $89.00

Discovering NZ Dresses Online At BoxHill

At BoxHill, you can buy dresses online confidently and easily. We're here to help and provide you with our Platinum Personal Service, backed by our Love The Look Promise - If you're not happy with any aspect of your purchase just let us know and we'll put it right. Need to return something? We have Free 'N' Easy returns to make your life easier and risk free.

Taking Advantage of The Best Dresses in NZ

Buying women dresses online with BoxHill is easy and fast, with our huge choice of garments made from the highest quality materials. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a friend or a loved one, you can easily find one right here.

At BoxHill, our NZ dresses are carefully designed to suit the tastes of many women. With different colors at styles at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about choosing the perfect outfit again.

Enjoying Long Sleeve Dresses In NZ

Finding suitable long sleeve dresses is often complicated. They don’t seem to appear as perfect as their short-sleeved counterparts. At BoxHill, we made it our goal to select the best long sleeve dresses in NZ for our clients. All of them are handpicked by our fashion experts to bring you the most enjoyable dress-wearing experience.

Buy Dresses Online: Great Prices For Every Budget

We know how important the price can be for some of our clients. That’s why we always look for the best deals to help you get the highest quality cheap dresses in NZ without hurting your budget.

Buying dresses online is fun with BoxHill. Let’s do some shopping!