Free 'N' Easy Returns & Free Shipping Over $250 +

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Free 'N' Easy Returns & Free Shipping Over $250


How does pre-order work?

We at BoxHill offer pre-order so you can purchase new season items before they are released to the stores. Pre-order items will be dispatched to you once we receive them from the supplier.

All items purchased through pre-order must be paid for in full using any of our payment methods including shop now, pay later services. Your payment plan will begin as soon as you place the order.

When will I receive my pre-order item?

With any of our pre-order items, the estimated date for shipping is shown under the big pink "Pre Order Now" button when you purchase the item. If you're not sure or want to remind yourself, just pop over to the product page of the item you bought and you'll see the date underneath that button.

Delivery dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change due to uncontrollable delays in production, freight, or otherwise.

I ordered a mix of pre-order and in-stock items. Do I have to wait until the pre-order arrives to get the in-stock items?

We send your in-stock items as soon as we reach your order in the queue so you can enjoy your lovely clothes right away.

What is your returns policy?

It's no problem at all to return an item (excluding sale items) as long as tags are attached and they are in brand new, unworn condition. Returns must be made within 7 days.

You can check out our Free 'N' Easy Returns section for steps on how to return an item.

BoxHill monitors return activity for abuse (e.g. purchasing for short-term use with the intent to return the item) and reserves the right to limit returns or exchanges in all instances.

I would like to return but there is no returns form in my parcel.

Sometimes, we run out of our little returns cards but have to keep sending parcels out. You can pop your details and what you are wanting on a piece of paper and include that in the parcel and we'll sort it out when it arrives.

My tracking link says my parcel is delivered but it is not.

Please check if your address is correct in the order confirmation email we sent when you placed your order. If so, please check around your property and with neighbours in case it has been left in an unusual place. 9 times out of 10, this is what has happened in this situation. Next, please contact Courier Post at 0800 COURIER asap to lodge an enquiry as they can contact the driver for you and locate the GPS where your parcel was delivered.

What is the fit of the Home-Lee Apartment Pants and Weekender Jeans?

The Apartment Pants are meant to be worn loose and comfy, like trackies rather than like leggings. The owner of Home-Lee is always firm on this point as otherwise people wear them too tight which puts too much stress on the seams and then they have stitching issues. Some of our customers do like to size down in these, but I (Erin) always wear my normal NZ size in Home-Lee -- the size down would be too tight.

The Weekender Jeans are stretch denim and they do give a bit. I have my normal NZ size in the jeans and they are perfect. The jeans are quite fitting in the legs and a bit loose-ish in the waistband with a drawstring to alter the fit so you can wear them on the waist or drop crotch.

What should I do if my item is faulty?

On the rare occasion that you receive a faulty item, please send a picture of the fault to so we can assess and forward to our supplier. Some things they are able to repair and other times they will send a replacement if it's a manufacturing fault. Manufacturing faults must be reported within 14 days.