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Foxwood Tuesday Skirt
Regular price $109.95
Macjays Lunar Skirt
Regular price $155.00
Betty Basics Carson Skirt Black
Regular price $59.90
Elm Florence Paisley Skirt
Regular price $149.95
Elm Spot Soft Pleat Skirt Navy
Regular price $149.95
Elm Botanic Skirt Floral
Regular price $109.95 $65.00
Verge Present Skirt
Regular price $280.00 $168.00
Verge Holiday Skirt
Regular price $239.00 $143.00
Vassalli Printed Skirt Holiday
Regular price $135.00 $81.00
Vassalli Printed Skirt Peachy
Regular price $135.00 $81.00
Macjays Raw Skirt Paint
Regular price $175.00 $105.00
Macjays Raw Skirt Cheetah
Regular price $175.00 $105.00
Macjays Paris Casey Skirt Inka
Regular price $169.00
Macjays Paris Casey Skirt Black
Regular price $169.00
Home-Lee Denim Skirt Blue
Regular price $89.95
Vassalli Panelled Printed Skirt
Regular price $159.00 $95.00
PQ Collection Bamboo Ruche Skirt Teal
Regular price $79.95 $19.00
Foxwood Elliot Skort
Regular price $109.95
Soya Concept Venus 6 Skirt
Regular price $99.00 $39.00
Soya Concept Vibsa 1 Skirt
Regular price $149.00 $89.00
Soya Concept Venia 2 Skirt
Regular price $159.00 $63.00
Home-Lee Maxi Skirt
Regular price $89.95
Vassalli Waterfall Frill Skirt
Regular price $155.00 $15.00
Betty Basics Alicia Midi Skirt
Regular price $22.90

More styles available in our lovely Thorndon Wellington store...

From flares and broomsticks to minis and tutus, you can find a wide variety of skirts for women on our website. At BoxHill, we are proud to present an extensive collection of women’s skirts in NZ to help you look amazing regardless of the occasion. Our skirts come in all shapes, forms, and styles. We have tried as hard as possible to help you find an ideal garment for your tastes without leaving the page.

Buying Skirts in NZ Has Never Been Easier

If you are pressed for time or don’t like walking around brick-and-mortar stores for hours, we are offering you an easy way to buy skirts online. You can check out the size chart to ensure your new skirt is a perfect fit.

We are trying hard to ensure 100% client satisfaction. In case you have any questions before buying women’s skirts from our shop don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

How To Choose The Best Women’s Skirt Length

Even when you have all the best long skirts in NZ in front of you, it may be hard to make the right decision. What is your right skirt length? Every woman faces this dilemma at least once in her lifetime. Here are a few tips you can take advantage of:

  •         You can’t go wrong with skirts just above or just below the knee.
  •         Don’t wear short skirts if you don’t feel comfortable in them.
  •         When buying the ideal midi skirt in NZ, don’t forget high heels since midis visually shorten your legs.
  •         When choosing the best long skirts for women, make sure it’s not too long for the hem to drag on the floor.
  •         Always ask yourself if you have the right shoes for the skirt you are buying.

Buy The Best Skirts For Women at BoxHill

At BoxHill, we are happy to offer you a wonderful selection of long, midi, short and designer skirts. Let’s do some shopping!