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Business Ethics

Transparency and Sustainability

Our mission here at BoxHill is to provide every customer with beautiful handpicked clothing ranges, then help match them to their style, age, look, and shape through our Platinum Personal Service. Guided by our vision to help our customers feel confident, stylish, and like our very own family and friends, we aim to be the fashion retailer that cares more and understands our customers better.Β 

Our goal is to build a dynamic community through our products, services, and advocacy for mental wellness by sharing positivity across our social platforms. Driven by our passion to go beyond providing quality products and services, we hope to create a safe space for our customers. We strive to inspire and foster meaningful conversations with our customers; encouraging them to discuss not only fashion concerns, but also industry facts, sustainability, lifestyle, and anything else they feel worth discussing. We offer our eyes, ears, and hearts to understand and accommodate social, economic and environmental transparency, for this is our responsibility to our community and our planet.


As a fashion retailer, we are supplied by other brands that manufacture products. Each brand has a different business model and has their own business ethics. We try our very best to understand, learn, and monitor our relationship with each brand’s production, operations, and transactions by inquiring about their ethical and sustainability direction hoping that they are in line with the values that we believe in. There are times that this may be a challenge but know that we are trying our very best to be able to communicate and coordinate with our suppliers for the greater good.

We ask for your understanding and we offer you our attention for anything that you might want to discuss with us. Thank you for giving us a chance to give you quality products, services, and value. Thank you for supporting BoxHill.


Erin, Sheila, and The BoxHill Team xoxo