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Sexy and revealing or strict and formal? When it comes to shirts, one exists for any occasion. Whether you are browsing shirts for women that can make you look like a queen in the office or searching for summer shirts to reflect your light mood, BoxHill has got them all. If you don’t have a couple of shirts in your closet, it’s time to do some exciting shopping.

Fascinating Dress Shirts For Women At BoxHill

Dress shirts come in all shapes and colors to bring you the perfect fit. At BoxHill, you can choose from tight fits to cascading models that can put an accent on the parts you like the most while hiding anything you don’t want others to see.

Our NZ women’s dress shirts can help you look marvelous and formal at the same time. You can wear these to the office, job interviews, conferences, and meetings. Meanwhile, our formal shirts for women are so fashionable that they can become an integral part of your everyday attire.

BoxHill Presents An Amazing Women’s Summer Shirt Collection

When the summer comes, sporting a fantastic summer shirt can improve your image trifold. We have an exciting collection of women’s shirts and blouses to make your summer truly enjoyable. All our summer garments are made out of the lightest materials to help you feel fresh and beautiful all season long.

Making Your Choice of Women’s Shirts in NZ Easier

Choosing shirts in NZ has never been easier. BoxHill presents different collections to suit the tastes of nearly all women in the country and beyond. Women’s shirts need a special approach so our experts take their time to find the best models available for our clients to enjoy a 5-star shopping experience.

Have you already found your perfect shirt? Scroll up to enjoy the latest models.

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Elm Sherbet Long Sleeve Shirt
Regular price $135.00
Zafina Phase Shirt Rust
Regular price $139.00 $104.25
Marco Polo Sketch Spot Shirt
Regular price $155.00
Marco Polo Frill Neck Shirt
Regular price $155.00 $116.25
Tantrum Stargazer Rayon Shirt
Regular price $149.00
Elm Clovis Shirt
Regular price $129.95
Soya Concept Paige 3 Shirt
Regular price $109.00
Soya Concept Parez 2 Shirt
Regular price $109.00
Soya Concept Pamila 2 Shirt
Regular price $109.00
Soya Concept Panda 2 Shirt
Regular price $95.00
Elm Mia Ruffle Shirt
Regular price $129.95 $90.00
Elm Annie Long Sleeve Shirt
Regular price $129.95 $65.00
Macjays Elicit Shirt
Regular price $190.00
NYDJ Sumseablue Shirt
Regular price $199.00 $169.00
Soya Concept Latisha 1 Shirt
Regular price $87.00 $26.00
NYDJ Colmar Arrow Shirt
Regular price $169.00 $99.00
NYDJ Linen Cotton Shirt White
Regular price $199.00 $99.00