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Elm Glow Zip Thru Navy
Regular price $109.95
3rd Story Chloe Jacket Black
Regular price $129.95
Lemon Tree Mae Jacket Pink
Regular price $229.90 $57.00
Lemon Tree Snakeskin Jacket Black
Regular price $179.90 $71.00
Lemon Tree Snakeskin Jacket Cream
Regular price $179.90 $89.00
Lemon Tree Bernice Jacket Black Spot
Regular price $179.90 $71.00
Lemon Tree Bernice Jacket White
Regular price $179.90 $71.00
Home-Lee Denim Jacket
Regular price $99.95
Moke Sarah Packable Down Jacket
Regular price $289.00 $79.00
Home-Lee Hooded Denim Jacket
Regular price $109.95

How many jackets do you have in your closet? We bet you could use another one! With our extensive collection of jackets for women, you can find a couple to wear every season. Be it winter jackets for women or casual summer models, we’ve got them all. Browse our collection today and don’t forget to come back. We never stop our search for the best options to offer on our website.

Learning How To Care For Puffer Jackets For Women

Did your women’s puffer jacket suddenly become colder than it used to? You probably made a mistake during the laundry process. Women’s down jackets require a special approach to care in order to keep their warm functionality for years to come.

If you decided to opt for one of our amazing winter jackets for women in NZ, follow these simple rules.

  •         Always read the care label and don’t exceed 30°C when setting the water temperature.
  •         When tumble drying, throw several tennis balls inside the dryer so the down fills all parts of the jacket instead of concentrating in just one part of it.
  •         Skip the spin cycle in order to keep the down distributed.
  •         Don’t opt for dry cleaning services since the chemicals used may damage the jacket.

Choosing The Best Jackets for Women in NZ

We have been choosing the best winter and summer jackets for women in NZ for many years. We know what our clients want and when they want it. So you can always find an ideal jacket in our collection. Be it casual jackets for women or austere jackets for special occasions, we’ve got them all.

Buying Women’s Jackets at BoxHill

Buying jackets for women in NZ has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can become a happy owner of a perfect jacket. Shop away!