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Coronavirus - Updates


01/05/2020: We hope you're all keeping well in your level 3 bubbles. Our bubble has been so busy preparing your parcels for dispatch.

We are getting a lot of questions in our email inbox, which is starting to slow us down, so I thought it might be best if we get in touch to answer some of the common burning questions...

Please read/check back here for any updates before emailing us.

Short TLDR; Version (Too Long, Didn't Read):

We're working our socks off but there is a backlog from 4-5 weeks of lockdown plus a big increase in usual volumes. Our speed is being hampered by the extra safety precautions that need to be taken, reduction in staff available due to childcare etc. Please be kind. We won't forget about your order. CourierPost is busy too. Everyone is trying their best. Thanks for your patience during this unusual period, and thanks for supporting us. Returns are also taking longer, but we are working through them.

Long Detailed Version:

Question: When will my order be dispatched? I haven't received a tracking number

Answer: During the nearly 5 weeks of lockdown we had a huge increase in orders which means we're catching up on that (plus there are new orders coming in). We just can't put a time frame on it for you but we are working as fast as we can in the new & safe way to clear this backlog as quickly as possible, but it's going to take some time.

You will receive an email with the tracking number when we have packed your order and printed a label for it. If you track this straight away, it will say "ticket not found". As soon it is picked up from us and the courier scans it into their system, you will be able to see the progress of your parcel - please keep in mind there are huge delays within the courier network too so this will be a slow moving process.

Patience is appreciated. I have also personally bought things online from other companies that are delayed / not showing progress in tracking systems yet. It's just the way it is right now as everyone is catching up.

Question: I have a PRE-ORDER, when will that be sent?

Answer: The estimated date of arrival for any pre-order items in your order, is stated underneath the add to cart button on the product page. Please re-check this if you are unsure, or before you contact us to check on progress... our inbox will be forever grateful :)

As soon as pre-order stock arrives into us, we work super-hard to get it sent out to you as quickly as we can. Of course we work from the oldest orders first, so depending on when you ordered it may take a while longer.

Question: My order has been dispatched and I've tracked it but it's not moving, only showing as picked up...

Answer: Courier Post are very very busy as initial volumes were far higher than forecasted. Tracking links will be updated as things are cleared. We will proactively email you when there is movement on your package. If you are particularly worried, you can call 0800 COURIER, but I do believe it's hard to get through to them on the phone right now. It will arrive eventually, don't worry.

Question: I've placed several orders but only one or some have arrived, I thought they would all come together.

Answer: Orders will not be combined. They will be sent order by order, depending where they are in the queue. Please note, we are fulfilling from two different locations - our shop and our warehouse, to maintain distancing and safety. You may receive a newer order you placed sooner than an older order, but the other one is logged and we will get to it.

Question: I need to return something, what do I do?

Answer: That is no problem, you don't need to email us, just follow the steps on the little card that came with your parcel, or read more about Free 'N' Easy Return here. We have extended the returns time frame to 30 days after you receive your order post lock-down, but again, please be patient, there will be delays with the returns/exchange processing times once you have sent it back.

Once again we really thank you for supporting our small, independently owned NZ family business, and for being so patient during this crazy time. We will get there!

We promise we are doing our best and working as quickly as we can.

Erin & The BoxHill Team xoxox

28/04/2020: We are now shipping!  Hooraaay!  There is A. LOT. OF. ORDERS. Sheesh, So, we're working through them as fast as we can given the workplace guidelines, reduced staff numbers etc.
Don't stress about returns, they are extended to 30 days, and there will be a delay in processing them as well.  Let's all just hang in there!
Our store in Wellington is closed to the public. We really appreciate all your support and patience through this.  Can you believe 4 weeks have gone, crazy!  We love you. xo

24/03/2020: We fully support the measures being taken by the government to keep everyone safe. Our website is taking orders, but they will be dispatched once the restrictions are lifted. Our store in Wellington is closed. Look after each other and your loved ones.... We will get through this. All our love xo

23/03/2020:  Following the Government’s announcement today that NZ will move to alert level 4 in the next 48 hours, we’re assessing how this will impact our services.

We will have an update for you as soon as we know more!

Thanks for your support, patience and understanding.

We love you all ♥️

Stay safe xo